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March 10-11, High Point Church Madison, WI

What is this conference?

The Made Whole Conference is meant to empower the church to minister a more complete vision of healing as it makes disciples. Our purpose is to engage and equip the broad flock of people who both need healing and are able to help bring others along in the process.  Our goal is to help the church administer healing in its various forms to one another, in Christ’s name. 

Pastor Nic Gibson

Pastor Tom Flaherty

Dani Ebben

Alexi Gibson

Maya McNair

Jill Reasa
Pastor Adam Mabry
Father Gregory
Joyce Carlin
Sue Gruen


March 10th

6PM: Registration
7PM: Plenary 1 - Pastor Nic Gibson
7PM: Plenary 1 - Pastor Nic Gibson
A Vision for Holistic Healing

March 11th

8AM: Registration
9AM: Plenary 2 - Pastor Adam Mabry
Healing and Resurrection in the Midst of Suffering
10:30AM: Breakout 1
  • Trauma’s Impact on the Body, Mind, and Soul
  • Sexuality, Unwanted Behaviors, and Healing
  • Overcoming Anxiety and Fear
  • Processing Grief and Loss
  • Engaging Spiritual Warfare and Disciplines for Healing and Wholeness
  • Healing and Discipleship: Ways of Believing that Help, Hurt, or Keep You Stuck
  • Identifying and Resolving Shame
11:45AM: Lunch Break
1:15PM: Breakout 2
  • Integration of Psychology, Theology, and Christian Tradition
  • Overcoming self-hatred and insecurity through gospel love
  • The Spiritual Anatomy of Addiction
  • The Will to Live: Battling Depression
  • Healing generational and systemic trauma
  • Sexual Abuse and the Church
  • Healing in relationships: confession, forgiveness, and reconciliation
2:45PM: Plenary 3 - Pastor Nic Gibson, Pastor Adam Mabry, Jill Reasa
The Context of Healing: Practices and Relationship
4PM: Dinner Break
6:30PM: Extended worship night


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