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Main Sessions

Main Session 1
A Wider Vision of God's Healing 

Speaker: Pastor Nic Gibson

In this session, Pastor Nic Gibson opens the conference with a talk about the wider vision of  God's healing. 

Main Session 2
Healing and Resurrection in the Midst of Suffering

Speaker: Pastor Adam Mabry

In this session, Pastor Adam Mabry talks about healing while experiencing suffering.

Main Session 3
Church and Community: Ecosystems of Healing

Speaker: Jill Reasa

In this session, Jill Reasa (founder of Oaks Ministry Collaborative) discusses the necessity of community and the local church in healing.

Breakout Sessions

Spiritual and Social Context of Shame

Speaker: Pastor Nic Gibson

Shame is an experience of the heart that appears in scripture and widely in current psychological writing. Many contemporary writers have simplified shame to a universally negative category: shame is bad, and bad for you. The Bible, however, sees shame as a more complex emotion. This session will distinguish between simplistic and more complete understandings of shame, different kinds of shame, and how to interact with the feeling productively for freedom, healing, and belonging.

Overcoming Anxiety and Fear 

Speaker: Alexi Gibson

In this talk, we will reconceptualize our understanding of anxiety as Christians to develop a fuller understanding psychologically and spiritually. By identifying how anxiety manifests in us and it's root causes, we can better respond to it in ourselves for our own sanctification and in others for the glory of God.

Sexuality, Unwanted Behaviors, and Healing 

Speakers: Tom & Carol Nuelle

In this class, we will discuss God’s original glorious intent for sexuality, as well as the current atmosphere of sexual corruption that exists in our world today. We will also look at God’s amazing provision of power to both free us and heal us from the hold of our culture and past traumas so that we can rejoice in living God’s way.

Dealing with the Demonic

Speaker: Pastor Tom Flaherty

The Bible says that we have an enemy and that we need to be sober and alert.  Our enemy, the Devil, is a roaring lion seeking to devour us.  He preys on any weakness: physical, mental, or spiritual.  We need to know where we are weak so that we can stand firm in the faith against allof his strategies.

 Understanding and Healing Trauma: Body, Mind, and Soul 

Speaker: Sue Gruen, MSSW, LCSW

Do you know that your unresolved trauma can result in depression, anxiety, suicidality, addictions, broken relationships, even, serious physical illnesses?. Tragically, the most severe trauma (Complex PTSD) develops mainly through age 7 when a child's emotional needs for affection, safety and guidance were not adequately met. This knowledge is key to safeguarding your family's health and relationships. We will end with proven medical and spiritual healing methods, including a powerful prayer.

Mind, Body, and Spirit:
A Holistic Approach to Addiction 

Speaker: Dani Ebben, LCSW, SAC

Taking a deeper look at how addictions develop, thrive, and are overcome from a biblical, social, and clinical perspective.

Processing Grief and Loss

Speaker: Joyce Carlin, MSW, CAPSW

How can we cope with and heal from our losses? How can we help people we love grieve their losses? How does grief impact us physically, spiritually, emotionally, and relationally, as whole human beings? This talk will help identify loss and provide coping strategies to aid in healing and communication skills to use when approaching someone you know who may be grieving. Grief can make us uncomfortable. It can be difficult to know what to say or do.

Healing in Relationships:
Confession, Forgiveness, and Reconciliation

Speaker: Pastor Adam Mabry

Sharing his experience of relational pain and trauma, Adam Mabry will bring gospel-saturated wisdom into the process of healing relational rifts, broken trust, and past pains, and walk in gospel-fueled reconciliation.

Healing and Discipleship:
Ways of Believing that Help, Hurt, or Keep You Stuck

Speaker: Jill Reasa

In this breakout Jill Reasa talks about how healing and discipleship converge.

Practices of Security:
Cultivating Trust When You've Been Shattered

Speaker: Jill Reasa

In this breakout Jill Reasa talks about how we can trust even when our trust has been previously broken.

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